Zakynthos, Greece | Martin Nakov

ugh take meeeee


Zakynthos, Greece | Martin Nakov

ugh take meeeee

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calgary native victor liu spends one night every week, regardless of the season or weather, camped out alone under the stars at banff or jasper, where he occasionally, with use of his self timer, captures photos of himself with the northern lights and milky way.

"nothing is better than watching aurora borealis in winter on a layer of thin ice," he said, adding, "i love the night sky, it is a complete transformation and helps you feel connected to the universe."

I’d die.


You know a girl is mad when she starts off her sentence saying “I just find it funny how ” because there’s a 99.9% chance she did not find it funny.

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After high school you realize you were only friends with some people because you saw them five times a week.
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It’s really nice to be with someone who listens, who knows your down falls and your issues, but loves you anyway and tries to help you. Even if you are completely nuts, they don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing. It’s really nice to know that someone is there, waiting, willing to pull you through the darkness, the uncertainty and the fear of failing or not being good enough. It’s really nice to be with someone who considers your feelings and puts you first. It’s just really nice.


trying to eat healthy like


Ron Swanson is the fucking best.

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I need a holiday.

I need a holiday.

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